Mobile Tour Guide App for Self-Guided Driving Tours of Cities, Towns, Scenic Routes, and Other Outdoor Spaces

Visitors download the app on their own phones and use it to take a self-guided tour.

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Here's why your visitor attraction needs its own mobile app

Increase Visitor Engagement

Enrich your tours with images, social media integration, and foreign language support. Improve the tour with analytics.

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Generate New Revenue

Our in-app ticketing and gift stores make purchasing easy. Mobile donations and sponsorships create new revenue.

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Use Interactive Mapping

Use interactive auto-play maps for bus tours and the outdoor spaces with no signage, wifi, or cell signal.

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Watch Video

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The Newport Mansions, RI

A beautiful tour guide app for the Newport Mansions in Newport, RI that leads visitors on an audio-visual journey through Newport's finest mansions.

Customer Reviews:

This app is a great way to experience the Mansions. Almost like being there, re-living the tour anywhere, anytime!

It's a great start I feel like I am at the Elms now even though when I am not there.  I love the fact that you can also listen to the side stories

My overall experience of the mansion using the app was Great!

I was very excited to hear about the new App and was very pleased with my experience while using it.  Bravo!

I used the Tour feature.   I loved it.  This is a great idea!


Boston Super Tours, Hop On/Hop Off Bus

Boston's 2nd largest trolley and duck tours are now enhanced with a mobile app! Visitors download the app for the Hop On-Hop Off trolleys to learn about Boston's rich history, visit over 21 of its greatest attractions, buy tickets, and hear the tour in foreign languages.

Walking Tour of Wiscasset, Maine

Visitors to Wiscasset can now explore the history and architecture of this quaint Maine town from their smartphones with the new Wiscasset mobile app. The tour guide app takes visitors on a walking tour around the town, supplementing the current Museum In The Streets (c) panels with audio, additional stories and pictures, and GPS-enabled maps.

New Hampshire Telephone Museum

This telephone museum is embracing the power of this new age of telephony... with a smartphone app! NHTM's mobile app guides visitors through the museum, offering additional insight and historical photographs along the way.

Hiking Tour of Shatrunjay Hill, Palitana

This is the first mobile app tour guide of Shatrujay hill in Palitana, Gujarat. The app is perfect for visitors to Palitana or those doing Bhav Yatra at home. It guides you through the climb to the summit, with stories about the tirthankars, rich history, and gorgeous architeciture of the temples on the hill. The app is the perfect "pocket" tour guide for visitors of all ages and all religions.

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Historic Tours of Newport

Historic Tours of Newport offers fully narrated sightseeing bus tours of Newport, now with a mobile app! The bus and mobile tour guide app will take you through historic Newport, with thrilling stories of its past as the country's Social Capital, gorgeous 18th century architecture, and 300 years of rich Gilded Age history.

The Nehru Science Centre, India

India's largest interactive science center is excited to bring its 500+ exhibits to a mobile app! The app will guide visitors through the science park and offer enhanced content in order to provide a better visitor experience.

Quick and Painless Implementation

     Set up the app framework

We work with you to understand what you need in your app. This lets us set up and maintain cloud hosting, create the app's framework, and begin creating a beta app.


     Send us your content      

We'll work with you to create, prepare, and record your tours. As you build this content, we'll add it to the beta app on an ongoing basis.


     Design the app      

We'll make your design changes in the beta app, use your color scheme, and test the app for any bugs.


     Launch the app     

We will submit the app to the Apple App Store and Google Play. You'll market the app on your website, at your site, and in all of your marketing materials.


     Success! And ongoing changes...     

Your app has launched and visitors have downloaded it. You can continuously make changes, incorporate their feedback, add content, and edit the design at no extra charge.


Features you will love

Beautiful Multimedia Tour Guides

  • Share unlimited content
  • Support for all languages
  • Social media integration

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Multipoint Interactive Live Map

  • Know where you are from the map
  • Mapped iBeacons for indoor tours
  • GPS-enabled maps for outdoor tours

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In-App Donations and Sponsors

  • Generate new revenue
  • Grow the local economy
  • Add local businesses as sponsors.

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Our Pricing

Small Setup Fee

Based on number of tours, languages, and additional features. One-time charge.

Monthly Fee

Based on number of visitors per year:
Up to 100,000 visitors = $100 monthly
Up to 500,000 visitors = $500 monthly
Up to 1,000,000 visitors = $1,000 monthly

eCommerce Commission

Standard operator discount on revenue generated from in-app features.

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