Generate New Revenue

We believe that mobile app tour guides should go beyond simply improving a visitor's experience: they should be a part of your business model and help generate new revenue for your organization. A successful mobile app will not only generate enough new revenue to mitigate the app's cost but actually earn a profit.

Our mobile apps integrate these 5 key revenue-generating features:

1. In-App Donations:
Visitors may not donate on-site due to a number of reasons -- they don't have cash, the donation box was in a different location, they didn't know there was a place to donate... and so on. A mobile app with a "donate" button can solve this problem (and create a brand new source of revenue if you're not currently asking for donations!).

2. Sponsors:
Using sponsors within the app can strengthen your current relationships and grow the local economy by allowing local merchants to attract your visitors to their business. Sponsors can have their logo on the app's main page, be a "virtual stop" on the app's tour, appear as a pop-up notification, or be represented in a myriad of other ways.

3. In-App Ticketing:
Allow visitors to buy tickets or secure reservations directly from the app. The ticket is then stored on the app until redeemed -- no need for email confirmations or print-outs. This is a huge convenience for visitors, even if you have a mobile-friendly website.

4. Mobile Gift Store:
People can shop online for everything -- clothes, groceries, household items -- and gifts! The mobile app's tour can end (a "virtual" drop off) in the app's mobile gift store. Visitors can use the in-app gift store to purchase items at any time -- even if they've already left your site.

5. Social Media:
The mobile app is seamlessly integrated with the visitor's social media profiles. You can use this integration to reach out to visitors to promote your events, encourage visitors to bring friends and family, or contact visitors to become members... indirectly generating more revenue.

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