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A personal pocket guide as you climb up the breath-taking Shatrunjay hill.

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This app works without data. All you need is a wifi connection to download the app and Bingo!

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Explore Palitana like a local with stories covering depth of places you will visit here.

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Listen to the surprising story of a Muslim Dargah located in the midst of Jain temples on Shatrunjay hill. The app is full of many such legends and tales.

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This is a mobile walking tour app for Shatrunjay hill in Palitana. It is a "pocket" tour guide for those climbing Shatrunjay hill and a "virtual" tour guide for those doing a Bhav Yatra at home. The tour guide app is perfect for youngsters as well as adults, as well as for those with varying levels of knowledge about Jainism. The app guides you as you climb to the summit or do a Bhav Yatra with stories about the tirthankars, historical events that took place on the hill, and descriptions about the architecture. You will learn about Adinath's sons Bharat and Bahubali, Neminath's cancelled wedding, and Mandodari's dance.

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Listen to the amazing story of Ravan and Mandodri in the Palitana Shatrunjay app, which is one of many interesting stories that the tour guide app has to offer.

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